Companion animals

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There are vast numbers of animals housed in animal shelters and rescue centres around the world, many of whom are never rehomed and are euthanised. For this reason many vegans prefer to adopt companion animals rather than continue to fund the overbreeding that results in so many homeless animals.

The continued funding of factory farms and slaughterhouses need not be an issue when rehoming an omnivorous companion. Omnivorous animals can thrive on a carefully planned plant-based diet – but it is important that you first do your research before changing your companion animal’s diet. Some good places to start are listed below:

Obligate Carnivore: Cats, Dogs, and What it Really Means to be Vegan, a book by Jed Gillen, which examines the ethical and health sides of the vegan cats and dogs debate.

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Andrew Knight is a vegan vet and publishes frequently in peer-reviewed journals on the subject of caring for vegan companion animals.